Monday, October 18, 2010

Ducklings, Monkies, and Volleyball - Oh, My!

Two weeks ago, we did a cake for a my friend, Ellen's, sister who is expecting her third child.  Their last name is Hicks and they don't know what they are having this time.  Heather had the brilliant idea of having the baby duckling hatching from an egg! 

This past week we did some volleyball cupcakes for our friend Rachel who coaches and her team was wrapping up their season this year.  The pics are bit blurry so we apologize for that.  We did each girls' jersey with thier number and then a few extras. 

This past weekend, we did another 1st birthday party for Miss Riley!  We love first birthday cakes, they are always so fun to decorate!  The theme of this party was monkies with light pink, hot pink, and a bright green color scheme.  Once again, we have to brag on William for doing all of the writing... he even branched out to a new curly font for Riley's name!!

Isn't she just the cutest little girl!?!?!

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