Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Owl Baby Shower Cupcakes

Last week, we got to do some cupcakes for a baby shower that were based on the nursery.  The theme of the nursery was an owl/outdoorsey theme.  These were a ton of fun and turned out really cute!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day and William's Birthday (2 different things!)

Last week I was on a mission trip in GA (which you can read more about in my personal blog!) and Heather had to do a Father's Day cake on her own.  I think it is just the cutest thing and I hate I can't take any credit!!  haha... great job Heather!!!
Father's Day happened to be the same day at William's, my husband, birthday.  Since we got in Sat. and had stuff going on, I didn't get to make him a cake until today.  My inspiration came from one of his measuring tapes, but I put the thumb piece on the wrong side... oh well!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Go Blue Flames!

We had another order for a graduation cake... which are pretty fun because they are all so different!  Heather had to do this one on her own though, my last bible study was on the night that Heather had free.  She did a fantastic job though!!!  I would be nothing without her!! :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

The School Year is Indeed Over

Boy, have we been busy!!! We have had quite a few cakes in the last two weeks!

This first cake was a graduation/birthday cake for one of Bonnie's coworker's daughter.  We incorporated anything that she was involved with such as FCA, Debate Team, French Club; her high school and college she will be attended; etc... We did it like a patchwork quilt and had a lot of fun with it. Sorry the pictures aren't the clearest for some reason.

These cupcakes were for another one of Bonnie's coworkers class... they are in the French immersion if you are wondering why you can't read it... it says "Good Luck" and there are some Eiffel Towers on a few.  The cupcakes laid out like this make the French flag as well.   

This next cake looked so good and we are going to have to make one just for us to eat!  We had two cakes to make for a lady that goes to church with Heather.  They were for her son's graduation party.  One was this strawberry cake below and the other was a red velvet that we forgot to take a picture of. 

The cake below is a first for us - a German Chocolate Cake.  Mr. Jeff from Bonnie's school had thrown out a hint or two (or 50) that he loved these cakes and wanted one.  The last day of school (and Bonnie's last day as a teacher there) she took him this cake as a surprise.  It did look pretty tasty and he said it was!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The School Year is Ending

This week we did a cake for the retirement luncheon at Bonnie's school for the two teachers who are retiring.  The theme was focused around oriental vases and patterns and so that was the theme of the cake as well. 
We got our inspiration from this vase.

Last week we did cookies for the 5th grade graduates in the Spanish class at Bonnie's school.  They were bright and colorful!