Monday, March 15, 2010

Grayson is One!!

This past weekend, Bonnie and William celebrated their nephew's one year birthday.  They got to go to Marietta and spend time with the Trammell side of the family.

We made the cake for the party, along with a over-sized cupcake for Grayson.  We took a thank you card that Mollie would be sending out and copied the image.  Heather did most of the beautiful animal artwork and it turned out so cute (if we say so ourselves!).  The cakes made it to Georgia with no problem, except not allowing Bonnie to sleep b/c of her nerves!  Please take a look at Grayon's cakes!  There will be a few more pictures to come later, as Mollie and Chad's friends took some professional ones!

Did I mention that Grayson was not a fan... at first.  He did start to eat the cake without the icing later!

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  1. I loved the cakes!! Thanks so much, girls--ya'll are awesome! They were delicious! And, just to let you know..Grayson had a big piece last night on his "official" birthday--he's definitely a fan now!!